About Pam

pam-new-photo-10-23-13-smaller.jpgHaving been a flight attendant for more than 19 years, I saw long ago the need for a product like the PamBee (my name is "Pam B.", get it?).

I have seen how passengers are reluctant to use the blankets and pillows provided by the airlines because of the "hygiene factor." I don't blame them.

Also, travelers usually don't want to carry-on their own pillow and blanket from home. They already have enough stuff to carry, and the limits on what they can bring through security just doesn't make bringing their own blanket and pillow all that practical. Instead, they need something that can fit compact in their existing carry-on bag, tote, diaper bag, or computer bag.

Travelers also want a blanket and pillow that is luxurious and soft, not the standard fleece and paper-like pillow. And being able to choose from a variety of designs would make it even better.

So I decided to create my first PamBee and see if people would like it. Did they ever! I got so overwhelmed by requests, I couldn't keep up with the demand. As a result, I decided to take the plunge and get some help making them. But the PamBee still reflects my personal tastes and countless hours of perfecting the concept over time. Nowadays I have many people tell me, "You put so much thought into it!"

The final product is a PamBee that is the perfect traveling companion either in planes, trains or cars. The silky fabrics feel luxurious and the suede-like fabric keeps you warm. I really hope you enjoy them!

Happy Travels!
Pam B.