"I am so glad I took the time to research luxury travel blanket sets and found the PamBee!! I have had my PamBee for a few years now, and I absolutely adore using it. Not only do I feel a bit posh and stylish whenever I use it, but I also feel comfortable, clean and hygienic!

After many uses the quality of my PamBee set is still perfect, and the fabrics have remained luxurious. Thank you for such a wonderful product that is gorgeous to look at and feel, yet is practical and works perfectly as well. And thank you for your fantastic personalised customer service, it is very much appreciated! "

Stephanie G.
Perth, Australia

"I have the 'Milan' PamBee and take it everywhere I travel. I even sleep with the eyemask on every night. It's stylish & fabulous. I love it!"

Anna A.
Austin, Texas

"I am a flight attendant and use it when I travel myself. The material is just adorable, comfortable, and get this: 'washable.' I JUST LOVE MY PAMBEE!"

Mona C.
Montz, Louisiana

"I am fortunate to have a PamBee and make sure it is on my "do not forget list" for my monthly business trips. I know I will always be comfortable on my flights with the warmth of my PamBee. I can see the envy in the eyes of my fellow travelers when they are handed an airline 'community' blanket or told there are none available and are uncomfortable during their flight. I pass on the advice to buy a PamBee! It comes in handy in the hotel room, too."

Heidi S.
Carlsbad, California

"On my important 'MUST remember for the airport' list is 1) my driver's license & 2) my PamBee (I'd put it #1 but I can't get on the airplane without the license)! Not only do I make sure I have my PamBee, I also make sure my 4 children have theirs, too. Of course it's great for the airplane, but it is awesome to have something familiar from home for the hotel and rental car, too. Don't leave home without your PamBee!"

Lisa E.
Austin, Texas

"A friend got me a PamBee. At first, I thought it was more of a woman's thing to bring your own blanket on a plane. But, since it was a gift, I felt obligated to try it. At least it fit easily and inconspicuously in my computer bag. Boy, was I surprised. I felt like a king! As I opened it up, I was shocked by how luxurious it felt. It was also man-sized and covered me up from neck to feet with room to spare. As I sat in my seat, I could see others glancing over at me with envy as they either went without a blanket or used a dirty airline blanket. Hands down, this is the best travel gift I have ever received!"

David B.
San Francisco, CA